Satellite Info

Laosat-1 satellite is based on the DFH-4S platform with a lift-off mass of 4000KG and design life of 15 years. LAOSAT-1 satellite is equipped with 22 operational transponders (14 in C-band and 8 in Ku-band ) on board, and now is located in 128.5°E.

The C-band coverage of LAOSAT-1 satellite consists of Lao PDR,Indo-China Peninsula and Republic of Indonesia, and Ku-band coverage consists of Lao PDR and Indo-China Peninsula.

Satellite Part
Platform: DFH-4S.
Length of Service: 15 Years.
- 14 C-band (36 MHz).
- 8 Ku-band (54 MHz).
Orbit Slot: 128.5 °E.


In station, it includes ground control system (GCS) which provides the capability to monitor, track and control the satellite. It is monitoring all the satellite TM status and range the orbit, through sending commands can accuracy control the satellite in the control window. 

LAOSAT-1 satellite will further improve Lao telecommunication infrastructure, construct the nationwide broadcasting television include 130 programs uplink service, satellite communication network, providing services such as satellite broadcasting television, VAST communication and international data transmission for Laos and surrounding countries.

Launch Vehicle Part:
Launch Vehicle LM-3B/E carried the LaoSat-1 blasts off into its orbit, is developed and launched by China Academy of Launch Technology, the subordinate of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.
Max.GTO Payload Capability: 5,500 kg.