LAOSAT Company Introduction

Lao Asia Pacific Satellite Co., Ltd.(LAOSAT) was incorporated on February 25,2016. Being the one and only satellite operator within the entire Lao territory, LAOSAT is fully responsible for the commercial operation of LAOSAT-1 Satellite and mainly engaged in Satellite Telecommunications, Satellite Television and WBCN services. By providing the LAOSAT-1 Satellite services, LAOSAT will benefit Laotian in all aspects and to improve the society, culture, economy and scientific technology, moreover, to provide technical connection and support Laos to become Land-linked Country from Land-locked Country. LAOSAT would not achieve the accomplishments without the help and utmost assistance from its shareholders stated as follows:

  • Lao Satellite State Enterprise (LSE) was incorporated by the Ministry of Finance endorsed by Lao government particularly for Lao Satellite Project, and it represents Lao government’s interests and to be granted with privileges of policy and tax over LAOSAT.
  • Chinarocket Co., Ltd.(CHINAROCKET) is a subsidiary of China Academy Launch Vehicle Technology under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Chinarocket mainly undertakes aerospace system engineering, international trade, international commercial services and international commercial operation, is the international platform for the aerospace technology applications industry. Chinarocket is experienced in international cooperation, strong system integration capability and operation service and has an international and professional operation and project management team.
  • Space Star Technology Co., Ltd. (SSTC) is a leader in the design and manufacture of satellite application products in China, with a strong presence in marketing filed and extensive prime contractor experience in satellite application programs. Its activities completely cover remote sensing satellite application system, satellite communication application system, satellite navigation application system, and satellite integration application system, together with the whole range of satellite application equipment and associated ground infrastructure.
  • Asia Pacific Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. (APST) is a subsidiary made for Lao Satellite project by Krittaphong Group Co., Ltd. Krittaphong registered capital of 49,948,750 US Dollars in Lao PDR and it has increased investment capital and widened its business units and activities together with top companies from China to boost the Lao economy.