VSAT business application

  • Through VSAT system, dedicated satellite communications network could be built to provide the transmission of data, video, files. The network could be used in video conference, data collection and company management, etc.
  • Telephone and Mobile phone.
  • Internet.
  • TV transmission.
  • VoIP and Video conference.
  • File transfer and telegraph transmission.

The advantages of satellite VSAT:

  • A wide Communication range, as long as the satellite launch range of beam coverage can be carried communicates.
  • Little affected by the disasters.
  • The construction speed is fast.
  • Easy to implement broadcast and multicast traffic.
  • Circuit and traffic can be flexibly adjusted.
  • Easy to install and transport: because satellite communication terminal station equipment is simple.
  • More types of business. Calls, data, video and other Internet information services.