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Commercial Operation

On October 30, 2015, all shareholders entered into a Shareholders Agreement for Joint Venture Company. All parties are now working on the commercial operation matters of LAOSAT-1 Project.

The business of Joint Venture Company will be covering ASEAN countries such as Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, etc. in the near future. The countries mentioned above expected to be provided the services of Satellite Telecommunication, satellite TV and wireless broadband service, etc. in early 2016

Satellite Telecommunication
LAOSAT-1 is equipped with 14 C-band transponders and 8 Ku-band transponders. At the preliminary stage, LAOSAT-1 shall shoulder the leased satellite business by Lao Government and state-owned enterprises to be transferred from abroad to domestic, meantime, provides Transponder leasing service to the governments, big-scale companies and enterprises, hospitals and universities/colleges of neighboring countries.

Satellite Telecommunication Business
The VSAT System established by Lao Satellite Project with qualified equipments is advanced, multiple-business friendly, high expandability and reliability, makes an efficient substitute to the primary VSAT System of all Lao domestic telecommunication carriers, and support distance education, tele-medicine, finance and securities, communication of national defense, government network and national emergency communication, etc.

DTH Business
On preliminary operation stage, the Transponder of Ku-band of LAOSAT-1 provides 60 to 80 channels of Standard-definition and High-definition Digital TV programs to domestic and those neighboring countries, such as Myanmar, Thailand and Bangladesh for their DTH needs. 

WBCN Business
The WBCN business will be provided to five cities with thin populations, Vientiane, Luang Prabang , Pakxe, Savannahet and Vang Vieng.